647 618 2963
647 618 2963

Janitorial Services

Power Washing

We provide power washing cleaning services (Sometimes also called pressure cleaning or power cleaning services) for all residential, commercial and industrial buildings across The Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
We know power washing cleaning and you’ll benefit from our expertise. The benefits of high pressure water cleaning and high pressure washing of your building or workplace are enormous. A clean and maintained surrounding reflects well on your business or home. Call our specialist team and your property will benefit from our expertise.

Window Washing

We specialise in residential and commercial window cleaning across The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) a broad range of properties including homes, offices, apartment buildings, restaurants and schools.


We pride ourselves on providing a clean and safe environment for your family, customers or employees. Always on time, professional, friendly and reliable.

Floor Waxing

Our professional cleaner always take care about your floors which will maintain their shine and lessen the impact of everyday wear and tear.

Floor waxing promises to bring out the true natural beauty of a hardwood floor. We are proud to introduce our waxing process which will give your hardwood floors a brilliant clean appearance, an appearance that is well deserved.

Contact Us or Call US Today ✆ 647 618 2963

Contact Us or Call US Today ✆ 647 618 2963

Carpet Cleaning

Powerful and versatile for effective deep and intermediate cleaning of carpets and stain removal from textiles with the appropriate accessories. Our carpet cleaners have many years of experience in providing first class services to customers across The Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Our teams will be more than happy to get your carpets cleaned and deliver the high results we always do.

Restroom Cleaning

People don’t like using a bathroom that isn’t up to scratch when it comes to the issues of cleanliness and hygiene. No matter how well trafficked they are, it’s essential that your bathroom services are good enough to cope. And that’s where OR Service ana Maintenance can make a real difference to how good your bathrooms look.

Green Office Cleaning

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Contact Us or Call US Today ✆ 647 618 2963

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